Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two Manifolds

Here is a theory of the universe I came up with over the last few months. It may just be a crock but I'm having fun with it while awaiting the results of WB-7:

I have been working on a theory of the universe. It is probably stupid so if there are some physics guys out there who can critique this I'd appreciate it.

My theory says that the Universe consists of two manifolds at right angles to each other and that all particles in the two universes are traveling at the speed of light. Because of that relationship the Lorentz equation falls out naturally.

i.e. v12 + v22 = c2. Thus v22 = c2 - v12

with the subscript 1 standing for our universe (manifold) and subscript 2 standing for the manifold we can't "see".

I discuss how I came up with it at Talk Polywell.

The equivalence of matter and energy is intrinsic to such a formulation. What is mass in one manifold becomes energy in the connected manifold. And vice versa.

Let me add that I found this recently and it inspired me to keep thinking about the problem:

The discovery of the electron spin - S.A. Goudsmit. I'm another math challenged guy interested in Physics.

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