Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lab Tools

I'm making a list of lab tools. Random jottings for now. If some Mechanical Engineers have suggestions - I'm a little light in that area - chime in in the comments and I will expand the list. Plus any EEs have ideas chime in. Or any one else.

No good suggestion refused.

Electronics Lab
Production Microscope
Spectrum Analyzer
Network Analyzer DC - 1 GHz
LCR Analyzer
HV DC and AC measuring eqpt.
Radio - 10 Hz to 1 GHz AM/FM/CW
Circuit Board Prototyper - LPKF or equivalent
High Speed sampling scope
High speed analog scope
Current probes

Mechanical Lab
CNC Mill - 17" or more travel + rotary table
CNC Table Top Mill
CNC Lathe - 36" or more between centers
CNC Lathe Table Top
Surface Grinder

Computer Lab
Logic Analyzer

Update: 05 N0v 007 1508z
Computer Lab added

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