Monday, August 6, 2007

Weld It Shut

I have been giving a lot of thought to sealing the electromagnets. It will be difficult to do a seal with fasteners that will keep the leak rate low enough.

It may be necessary to weld a cap over the seams or do some other kind of welding or perhaps silver solder if an appropriate metal is used for the coils. Electron beam or laser welding may be an option.

The coil design should be well tested before we seal them to make sure that unbuttoning them is not a regular occurrence.


Admin said...

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Unknown said...

You might be interested on the techniques for friction stir welding that have been developed.

Don't know if that would help with the sealing problems you're anticipating - but it seems a non-porous, same-material weld would do the trick nicely. It'll work on aluminum up to titanium, and though the welding setups might well be difficult (since you need a backer plate and a LOT of pressure to get a good weld) if you're looking for something seamless, this might well be it.


Unknown said...

i'd be interested to see how the laser welding turns out!