Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bussard Reactor Funded?

I just received an e-mail claiming that the Navy has funded Dr. Bussard to complete his WB-7 fusion reactor experiment. In addition the e-mail claims the Navy is on board for the full up power demo if the WB-7 results are positive.

If I get further confirmation on this and permission to post it, I will. ASAP!

Update: 30 Aug 007 1436z

I can confirm the above facts. I'm not at liberty to disclose my sources. Expect a confirmation from the Navy in the coming weeks. I am just as anxious for a public announcement as you are.


Cormac said...

Please don't let this be another false alarm... if I find out WB-7 has been funded it would possibly the best day of my life :D

M. Simon said...

Further confirmation:

Talk Polywell

Look for Tom Ligon's comment.

Unknown said...

Nice :) Looks like a promising technology, good if it gets funding...

Cormac said...

I can't wait to hear more news about this :D