Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reactor Vessel Rqmts.

Here are some random points on reactor vessel rqmts. This will get expanded as we get deeper into the problem. Save this page periodically if you want a history.

View ports
Pump ports
Gas Analyzer port
Laser Analyzer ports - Thompson Scattering Tomography
Plasma Analyzer port
Electron gun port

Vacuum Pressure measuring port with various instruments to cover the whole range.
Vessel temperature monitoring
12 LN2 connections (2 per coil)
Inlet pressure monitoring of LN2
Outlet pressure monitoring of LN2
Inlet temperature monitoring of LN2
Outlet temperature monitoring of LN2
12 HV/Coil current connections (rated to 100 KV if possible used to 75 KV) 1,000 Amps max. continuous. (pulsed higher).

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