Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reactor Building and Reactor Controls

I have been thinking about a reactor building. Hexagon or octagon? I lean towards octagon. Open top cell. I'll have to look at gamma ray "sky" factor scattering to see if that is a problem. An open top would make it easier to string unanticipated wires or pipes.

I'm thinking partial shield at this time. I think that would be OK since I'm contemplating a switch gear yard to one side of the building. That would allow a truck entrance from the switch gear side. I'd rather not have to crane in the heavy stuff. Forklifts and rollers. Also we are going to have to put an LN2 tank in there some where.

For viewing during operation I'm thinking one periscope - very simple design and only for confidence. Plus multiple video cameras. Cameras will each have their own video cable and control wiring.

I have been giving the bus question some thought. I think Ethernet for data collection and CAN for control. A PC104 system for control spots. Wireless will not be used for any functions. An isolated (to 100KV) 24 VDC supply and back up battery will be used for incidental power and control an the high voltage side. Isolation from the low voltage side will be handled by transformers for power and fiber optics for data.

Safety controls (master breaker trip etc.) will be hard wired as well as computer controlled.

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