Sunday, May 1, 2011

Polywell Update 1 May 2011

Finally there is some news about Polywell Fusion progress. From here is the essential news.
Projects and Jobs Information

Project Title Federal Contract

Project Status More than 50% Completed

Final Project Report Submitted No

Project Activities Description Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Quarterly Activities/Project Description As of 1Q/2011, the WB-8 device operates as designed and it is generating positive results. EMC2 is planning to conduct comprehensive experiments on WB-8 in the next 9-12 months based on the current contract funding schedule.

Jobs Created 11.00

Description of Jobs Created two full time plasma physicists. one full time equivalent electrical engineer.
So figure another year before the final report. In the mean time testing is ongoing.

There is a funny in the report. Note: jobs created = 11 and actual jobs created (as provided by a description of the jobs) is 3. Government accounting.

If you would like a fuller discussion of what this report means may I suggest a visit to the Talk Polywell board.


Unknown said...

I guess we won't know in two years. ;)

FlyingMike said...

Re the job counting mismatch, note the specific wording of the jobs: TWO "real" jobs (Two Plasma Physicists) and then ONE Full Time Equivalent double-E, but that one FTE EE has to account for nine job slots. I bet they are hiring 9 EE interns part time to do the bench work.