Monday, July 12, 2010

The Quantum Mechanic

If you are interested in quantum physics as I am I think you will find this paper very interesting: Modern Physics is Rotting [pdf]. You can also follow the discussion and read some words by the author at Talk Polywell.

You can also read more sections of Prof. Johan F. Prins's forthcoming book at Cathodixx.

Here are the opening paragraphs of the pdf linked above. He then goes on in this piece to give a simplified explanation of his theory with simple math.
Physics is considered to be the purest of all natural sciences. Scientists practising physics are supposedly those “special” people who search for knowledge with an “open mind”. New ideas and concepts are supposedly welcomed and objectively considered and tested. Since my own training is in physics and materials science, I also believed that this behaviour must reign supreme in science. I have applied these rules diligently while building my own career.

It thus came as a traumatic shock to discover when already approaching retirement that the real bigots in the world are to be found within the physics community, and more specifically amongst our modern-day theoretical physicists who have lost the plot many years ago when Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) convinced them during the 1920’s that it is impossible to “visualise” what happens on the atomic scale.
One other quote from the bottom of the second page of the Talk Polywell link above that I thought was very pertinent to the subject:
But the most important fact is that I should have been able to predict the result WITHOUT ANY EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION, since the impeccable solid state physics on which electronic devices are based demand that it must be so.
What he is saying is that we have empirical physics (transistors) that does not match current superconductor physics. What he has come up with (if true) is a unifying principle that explains both.

His complete book is due out later this year and I will do a post on it when it is available.


Anonymous said...

Physics ought to rot, indeed it has rotted. Just like the rotten people - the elites - who formulated it to overcome the true magic of this Universe. They wanted it to fit inside their little brains with their small ideas.

But this great Universe is so much more than them. Its greatness shows the lies that those sad souls tried and are still trying to brainwash everyone else with.

Thus their road is at an end. It is a trail that leads to death and rot because it was made by people of death and rot.

I hope they enjoy the bed they made, because they will by lying in it for the rest of eternity.

EricF said...
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EricF said...

Good read so far, thanks for posting this.