Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smaller, Cheaper, Tokamak

The Italians and Russians are working on a cheaper version of ITER.
Russia and Italy have entered into an agreement to build a new fusion reactor outside Moscow that could become the first such reactor to achieve ignition, the point where a fusion reaction becomes self-sustaining instead of requiring a constant input of energy.

The design for the reactor, called Ignitor, originated with MIT physics professor Bruno Coppi, who will be the project’s principal investigator.

The concept for the new reactor builds on decades of experience with MIT’s Alcator fusion research programme, also initiated by Coppi, which in its present version (called Alcator C-Mod) has the highest magnetic field and highest plasma pressure of any fusion reactor, and is the largest university-based fusion reactor in the world.
Bruno Coppi was an associate of Dr. Robert Bussard (of Polywell fame) when they worked together on the Riggatron concept [pdf].


Anonymous said...

It is time to halt this boondoggle before it sucks up precious taxpayer dollars which are so desperately needed to help the ever-growing underclass of people living in poverty.

EHS Director said...

RE: "Polywell is a little more complicated."

Indeed ;-)
Had to link to that comment.

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