Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mach-Einstein Drive

I have a new article up at ECN Magazine on experiments testing out the possibilities of a Mach-Einstein Drive. I call it: Maching Einstein.

Why is this important? If the experiments work (and even if they don't) we will learn more about how our universe is constructed. If they do work we can get propulsion without having to build huge rockets. Earth to Mars travel in a few days would be a definite possibility. If it works really really well faster than light speed travel is a definite possibility.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting on this. Before now I had only seen this at Next Big Future, and I wasn't sure how seriously to look at it.

Will you be following any progress on M-E? I certainly hope so.

M. Simon said...

Yes. I will be following it.

I can't say if it is right or wrong, but it is not fringe science. There are other experiments working on the subject.

Woodward And Anti-Gravity.

Mach's Principle [pdf]

Comprehensive and well illustrated article:

Unknown said...

Glad you think so. Thanks to my studies in economics I've got some math, but not the physics to be able to judge this sort of stuff.

Also, I thank you for your thoughts over at the BC recently.

--Brock Cusick

M. Simon said...


I have been a fan of Wretchard's for a very long time. He got me started in blogging by requiring registration. Back when you had to start a blog to get registered.

Unknown said...

Heh, and I thought I had been around a while because I invited Wretchard to get his gmail account ... :-)

Honestly I can't recall when I first found BC, but I think it was from a link or recommendation from Stephen Den Beste at USS Clueless. I was Cardozo Bozo back then, but I probably didn't comment often enough for you to remember. But man, Wretchard is just the best blogger out there, bar none (no offense). Really inspiring. The only one that ever held a candle to him, in my book, was Den Beste himself. We're lucky to have him.

M. Simon said...

I do remember Cardozo Bozo.

And yes. Wretchard is very deep. And DenBeste too!

I also like Eric at Classical Values. I have been greatly honored by him inviting me to blog at his place.

Eric and I have become fast personal friends. He has relatives in my area and visits me once or twice a year.

In fact it was Eric who turned me on to Polywell.

M. Simon said...

I have been honored by the exchange of e-mails more than once with Wretchard.

skymandr said...

A recent related preprint:

Unknown said...

It seems your link no longer resolves.

M. Simon said...

They changed all the urls when they did a web site update.

I believe they have reposted all the articles but you have to do a search.