Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Major Electronics Magazine Covers Polywell

ECN Magazine has an article up on Polywell and other small fusion efforts. You will never guess who the author is. Heh.


Unknown said...

The link you posted returns the following error: "The current user does not have permission to carry out this request"

Do you have another link?

EHS Director said...

Congrats. Nice article. Concise brief with nice linked references for readers...

I hope readers (and gov off.) start to see that with the trillions we 'throw in futile hope' at inflating our monetary and finite energy systems, we could invest a small percent of that and gain true, history wealth and prosperity in the future of Fusion...

Why we continue to spend trillions on space, and future weapons to destroy ourselves several times over when we are not investing even 1% of our GDP on how to save our own future here on earth.

While ideals, vision and dreams offer 'hope' for a 'potentially' great future... hard work, research and science can actually secure it.

kurt9 said...

You look like a liberal college professor.

M. Simon said...


You can try this for the main page.

ECN Magazine

Then look for the "Efficiency Zone"


Yeah. It would be good if we put a little more money into Fusion research.

As to the weapons and war thing. Until we get a new kind of human investing in war is going to continue. That being the case I want the USA to be the dominant power. But that is politics on a grand scale and I'm not here to discuss that.

Here is where I discuss politics:

Power and Control


It is a disguise.

Unknown said...
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