Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Feynman Physics Lectures

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Let me put it to you straight and simple. If you do not own this set of books and peruse it as bedtime reading three times a week or more you will not be able to fully participate in the Polywell Project except as an interested observer. Of course if you have the time put in an hour or two a day of serious study.

Don't get me wrong. This project needs tens of millions of interested observers. I welcome every one. Bring your friends and relatives, children, cats, and dogs. Parrots too. Especially parrots named Poly.

But if you are going to do physics or engineering these books are treasures. Not just for the understanding behind them but also for the feel Feynman has for the subject.


Don Cox said...

You are right - these are classic books. It would be nice to have two hours a day free to study them.

Anonymous said...


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EricF said...

I've just ordered the paperback of this series based on your post along with reviews on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up on these.

M. Simon said...

Honored To be of Service.