Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Liquid Cooled Grid IEC Reactor

Roger at Talk Polywell provides a link to experiments done with a liquid cooled grid Farnsworth - Hirsh type IEC Fusion device. The device uses a magnetron type ion injector.

You can read about it at RTF Technologies.

I especially recommend the paper describing the construction [pdf].


Roj said...

As a high School student Andrew Seltzman built a fusor. Now as a college student he has taken to building a FUSOR ON STEROIDS.

Andrew completed his undergraduate work at Georgia Institute of Technology. And is a graduate student @ University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Bill Hensley said...

It cracked me up when I realized the pictures of the device were taken in his dorm room.

Roj said...

I think what Andrew's fusor might do, is give us a better idea of view of Ridders thesis.