Sunday, May 25, 2008

Constructing a Fusor - Longwood University

I just came across this interesting report on the construction of a Farnsworth Fusor by Andrew Grzankowski at Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia.
Over the Summer of 2007, physics major Andrew Grzankowski worked with Longwood faculty member Keith Rider (Chemistry) to construct a Farnsworth Fusion Reactor. Here’s a breakdown of the project.
In the end notes there are a series of links which I am going to reproduce here.

Original patents (H-M Fusor)[pdf]

Thesis – Carl Dietrich 2007 (MIT)[pdf]

Tom Ligon – The world’s simplest fusion reactor, and how to make it work[pdf]

Todd Rider – Is there a better route to fusion? (MIT)[pdf]

Prof. Kim Molvig – Fusion without neutrons using p-B11 (MIT Fusion Seminar)[pdf]

EMC2 Fusion Development Corp. – Inertial Electrodynamic Fusion: The answer to interplanetary space travel? - Tom Ligon's Presentation, 26th International Space Development Conference, May 2007 [ppt]

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