Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Physical Constants

Charge of the electron = 1.60217653E-19 C
Mass of the electron = 9.1093826E-28 g
Mass of the electron in amus = 5.4858990945E-4
Mass of the electron in Mev = 0.510998918 Mev
Mass of the proton = 1.67262171E-24 g
Mass of the proton in amu = 1.00727646688
Mass of the proton in Mev = 938.272029 Mev
Mass of 1 AMU = 1.66053886E-24 grams
Avgadros number = 6.0221415e23
Plank's Constant = 6.62606896E-34 J * sec
Plank's Constant = 4.13566733E-15 ev *sec
Room temperature atmosphere = 2.6867773E19 molecules/cm3
Energy 1 ev = 1.60217653E-19J/ev
Boltzman's Constant = 1.3806505E-23J/deg K
temperature deg K. = 11,604.505 times ev
Speed of light in vacuum = 299.792458E6 m/sec

I will be adding to this as requirements dictate and time allows.

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